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How can Medical Marijuana be effective for Cachexia?

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Written By Darren M. Jorgenson.

July 14, 2021

How can Medical Marijuana be effective for Cachexia

Cachexia or wasting syndrome is a disease that happens during the last stages of a major illness.

When every part of the person’s body starts functioning to feed and maintain the brain, Cachexia occurs. The brain controls all the physiological systems, and the body attempts to keep it working over any other organ system. And this whole scenario takes a vast toll causing the body to utilize every bit of nutrients and energy is stored. And when the protein resources are pulled from the skeleton and muscles, it decreases strength and a significant weight loss. It also makes simple physical tasks challenging. And the majority of the patients suffering from a debilitating health condition suffer from Cachexia. And you will be astonished to know that around eighty percent of cancer patients in their last stage are diagnosed with Cachexia. Undoubtedly an unbelievable number. This is why people search for natural remedial treatments that provide relief from the symptoms—talking particularly about cachexia patients, which natural remedy will work? Well, as promised earlier, we were supposed to tell you about the natural treatment for Cachexia. Medical Marijuana is the natural remedial treatment that is considered a reliable treatment to deal with the disease. Even people are counting it as a workable option—wondering how Cachexia and medical marijuana are associated? Here’s all you need to know about it.

Is Medical Marijuana a Cachexia treatment?

Currently, no medications or drugs can treat the wasting syndrome and reverse the effects, but the addition of a natural remedy and some treatments can improve the quality of life. However, the treatments may include anti-nausea medications, nutritional supplements, appetite stimulants, anti-inflammatory drugs, and exercise. Though medical marijuana is not considered a cure, it can be beneficial to improving some of the symptoms devoid of any uncomfortable side effects. Medical Marijuana has shown positive results in increasing the appetite of people suffering from diseases, helps in relieving nausea, induces relaxation, reduces pains, and several other symptoms.

Cachexia is a wasting disorder, It is much more than loss of appetite.

How can it help Cachexia patients?

To manage the cachexia symptoms, it is necessary to increase the food intake by managing nausea, vomiting. And according to scientific evidence, using medical marijuana is a safe and effective method.

What research has to say?

The National Cancer Institute evaluated the effects of THC for treatment-related Cachexia. And the outcomes were astonishing that showed the THC dominant strains of medical marijuana are seen to be effective and reliable for treating Cachexia. However, the most effective consumption method appears to be oral and sublingual. Till now, various states have included cachexia health conditions on their list of qualifying health conditions. As the medical marijuana side effects are classified as low risk and are mild. Also, the FDA approved the Dronabinol drug for treating wasting syndrome associated with HIV in 1985. Dronabinol is a synthetic THC derivative, and even research studies have proven its efficacy. And the same drug is also prescribed to chemo patients to minimize vomiting and nausea. Another research study in 2011 suggested that the cancer patients treated with THC constituents increased patients’ appetite by 64%.

What symptoms of Cachexia can medical marijuana treat?

Medical marijuana not only improves the appetite of the patients but also treats vomiting, depression, nausea, and general malaise. All the symptoms are associated with Cachexia, and people are choosing cannabis to relieve the symptoms.

Is Medical marijuana a good choice for Cachexia?

Several research studies have found that medical cannabis is a reliable and good choice for cachexia patients. And with the research, evidence is clear that medical cannabis is a beneficial treatment. However, oral and sublingual dosing of medical cannabis can be an effective way. Also, there are many varieties available of ingestible medical cannabis products which can help alleviate the symptoms. However, it is still suggested to count the treatment with a medical doctor’s recommendation only.

Bottom Line!

Though recreational weed is legal in California, it is essential to understand the benefits of accessing medical marijuana with a medical card that is not accessible to recreational users.

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