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Best Medical Marijuana Strain for Cachexia

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Written By Darren M. Jorgenson.

July 13, 2021

Best medical marijuana strain for Cachexia

It is well known that Cachexia affects patients with severe medical issues, and according to the medical news, the health condition affects up to five million Americans.

Cachexia is a life-threatening health condition that may trigger some other health problems. Such health symptoms are surprisingly managed by medical marijuana. Yes, as discussed earlier, medical marijuana can manage several symptoms of a health condition.

But do you know that if medical marijuana is not consumed in appropriate compositions, it can trigger some other risk factors? But at the same time if consumed with the doctor’s recommendation and in a proper composition and dosage can be an escape for you. Here are the best strains often recommended for Cachexia.

Marijuana Strains for Cachexia

  • Monster cookies

How cool is that to find the marijuana strains that are beneficial for your health condition and a sweet pleasure to consume simultaneously? Indeed rewarding. It is well known as the medical marijuana strain that keeps your hands inside a cookie jar. Yes.

Monster Cookies is an Indica dominant hybrid strain that has a combination of 21 percent THC constituent. With this high proportion of THC, it is best observed while lying on the couch. The marijuana strain provides a slow yet steady high that creeps throughout the body and leaves you feeling fantastic and pain-free.

  • Sonoma Coma

Sonoma Coma is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain known as a fruity, spicy, and uplifting marijuana strain. It has a THC constituent proportion of around 25 percent and won the best Sativa award in 2012 at the prestigious High Time Cannabis Cup.

Consumers usually love its sweet tropical taste, which leaves them with an unusual spicy taste after consumption lingers for a longer time. This strain makes you hungry and sociable.
Platinum Purple Kush

  • Platinum Purple Kush

is a hybrid strain that is known as the nighttime strain of the dreams. Its THC content of around 12 to 20 percent and high Indica ensures that the person benefits from deep body relaxation and provides intense medical focus.

A medical marijuana strain that is considered a stronger brother of purple kush and massively stimulates the appetite while keeping you feel calm, happy, euphoric, and hazy. It can be a good choice for first-time patients seeking a mellow and calming experience.

  • GigaBud

Gigabud marijuana strain is an Indica dominant strain famous for its oversized neon green nugs shaped like the Christmas trees. It is a well-admired strain for inducing the appetite even if the person has intense stomach pain.

This marijuana strain with gigantic nugs endows with an immediate high that person feels a sense of motivation and energy as they decide what to eat. Also, the cerebral high of this strain provides a sense of full-body calm, so once the stomach is full, all you will want to do is sleep.

  • Grapefruit Haze

Grapefruit Haze is a potent hybrid strain resulting from an association between BC grapefruit and super silver haze. The ratio of this hybrid strain is unknown but seems slightly in favor of Sativa, and the THC proportion in this strain can be up to 25 percent.

It is a strain that can give you giggles and is famous for depression, migraines, and anxiety. Also, it is suitable for boosting the appetite. Grapefruit haze also gives a cerebral high and is well known for occasionally causing the patients to burst out into giggles.

Marijuana Strains treat all the issues related to Cachexia easily!

Best Medical Marijuana Consumption methods to treat Cachexia symptoms

Now that you are familiar with the best strains, it will be good for you to know about the consumption methods that can help you improve your overall health. Here are the best consumption methods for Cachexia.

  • Vaping: Vaping provides fast relief to the patients. However, it can be an expensive consumption method but is effective too.
  • Tinctures: You can these tinctures extracts into your food and drinks
  • Sprays: Marijuana sprays come in varied flavors and are easy to carry consumption alternates. You can easily take it if you have difficulty in having it in solid foods.
  • Juices: How about choosing the flavored juices added with the fresh marijuana leaves? Perfect indeed. You can add the marijuana leaves to your juices and consume them without any issues.
  • Edibles: You can either make your own cannabis edibles or purchase one. A wide range of cannabis edibles available can help you choose one that fits improving your health condition.
  • If you are hesitating to consume medical cannabis due to its smoking consumption method, the methods mentioned above can be the saviors. But still, the medical marijuana treatment requires legal permissions to access. However, earlier, it was challenging to get the legal licenses for the treatment as the whole process was offline.

    But now, with Medical Marijuana Card Chula Vista, things are way easier to access, as you can access the treatment from the comfort of your home. An amazingly super-easy way to acquire legal rights.

    Bottom Line!

    Though recreational weed is legal in California, it is essential to understand the benefits of accessing medical marijuana with a medical card that is not accessible to recreational users.

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